July 21, 2016


The technology behind the Indicate device is a single-use disposable device inspired by nature and influenced by next generation mass-market IVDs such as the ClearBlue™ ovulation test. It requires no prior manipulation of the blood, no expensive equipment, readers, or specialised personnel, has no external power requirements, it is handheld, small and rapid generating a simple visible yes/no answer. 

The patented amplification technology uses sequence specific nucleic acid probes tethered to gold nanoparticles. When a specific DNA (e.g. cancer mutation) or RNA (e.g. viral RNA) is bound to the nanoparticles they come together to form a cluster (the trigger)

The sensitivity of the device comes from the selective release of tens of millions of signal molecules only in the presence of the trigger; this amplification process is analogous to signalling cascades in living cells:

The device is a hybrid microfluidics-lateral flow device, the microfluidics section is powered by Degas flow via specially designed micropumps as a result of the device being packaged under negative pressure, whilst the lateral flow test signal region is powered by capillary force. Button-batteries power the on-device electronics.