REPViT – The Ultimate Diagnostics Platform Technology

The REPViT device is the Rapid and Economic Point-of-care Viral Test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2

The high demand for Covid 19 diagnostic test will remain in place until an effective vaccine is found, once development of the Covid 19 has been completed, the test can be developed further to cover other airborne virus based infectious diseases such as the annually recurring influenza.

Currently, the only approved systems are based on qRT-PCR, for which supply is limited as they require specialised personnel, testing laboratories and enzyme supply (CLIA/GMP). All of which are in short supply during peaks in the infectious cycle and can not be scaled up easily.

As a result, the supply of testing capacity lags demand at the most crucial times and is inadequate to offer an ongoing monitoring of the situation. Current turn-around times are too slow to contain the outbreak and allow society to function near normally.

Indicate Solutions’ instant test with results available in <1 hour could be used to screen more frequently resulting in a rapid identification and isolation of infected populations.

The objective is to achieve an accuracy greater than 80%, which combined with the the low cost per unit of test, would allow the use of multiple tests at the same time to increase the accuracy rate further.

Furthermore, due to the affordability of the test, they could be applied in areas ranging from schools, airports, football stadia and sensitive locations such as care homes or strategically important locations.

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