June 25, 2020

REPViT – The Coronavirus Detection Platform

Welcome to REPViT – The ultimate Diagnostics Platform Technology

We bring precision diagnostic for COVID19 to everyone at an over-the-counter home-test solution device to use wherever and whenever you want

The REPViT technology offers the market a number of key benefits, which are not possible with current technologies:

1) Scalability, the REPViT technology does not require any manufacturing that is not available at large scale (i.e. no electronics, microfluidics, optics etc), does not use enzymes and does not require large laboratory equipment or specialist staff. This allows the test to be deployed rapidly meeting demand needed to contain even very virulent virus infections.

2) Flexibility, the REPViT technology is easy to use, not sensitive to temperature and can be prepared in a home-test kit format, applied in all geographies, and most circumstances such as work, school, transport, hospital, care home or football stadium. It can be adapted to detect additional virus based airborne infectious diseases.

3) Marketability, due to the simplicity of handling and application of the REPViT test, it can be sold as a B2B product to doctors and hospitals or as B2C in form of a home- test kit through chemists or pharmacies and drugstores. Its comfortable application (using saliva from spitting and without intrusive nasal or buccal swabbing) will make it the preferred test.

4) Cost, the low production cost of the REPViT tests allows for the test to be used by all income levels and a number of tests can be used in sequence, to increase accuracy. This would allow the pandemic to be contained more effectively and infection rates to be kept low.

5) Adaptability, in 2021 to Covid-19/Influenza and subsequently other infectious diseases caused by viruses, and at a later stage, by bacteria.

For more Information please go to this link: https://repvit.com/