February 26, 2019



Indicate Solutions, S.L. was set up in 2016 to exploit and commercialise the IP generated by the INDICATE (IN vitro DIagnostic CAncer TEst) project . The concept behind the INDICATE project was simple; to create a rapid nucleic acid test (NAT) as a single-use handheld POC device, similar in format and cost to pregnancy tests but used to detect actionable mutations in the blood of cancer patients.

In other words, our objective is to be the ClearBlue™ of cancer diagnostics. 

The INDICATE project  was originally conceived in 2013 by Charles Lawrie of Biodonostia, and Luis Liz-Marzán and Marek Gzelczak of CIC biomaGUNE in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain. They were later joined by researchers from the Univerisity of the Basque Country (UPV) and Polymat.

The concept has received over €1,164K in competitive grants from national and regional governments and with this funding, we have taken this project from the blackboard (i.e. TRL1) to experimentally validating these concepts (i.e. TRL3/4).

The IP generated from this project has been granted an EPO patent (EP2016/077267). We have also filed in the US, Japan and China.

Indicate Solutions has been granted an exclusive licence to exploit and commercialise this IP for the lifetime of the patent in return for royalty payments from sales.