Charles Lawrie & Biodonostia, at the forefront of the world with a project on head and neck cancer

The molecular oncology group of the Institute of Biodonostia, led by our CEO; Charles Lawrie, has managed to be at the forefront of the world in the fight against head and neck cancer thanks to a work in DNA biomarkers for the early detection of carcinoma of the larynx.

The key to this work is “in the early diagnosis of head and neck cancer,” which is the area in which carcinomas of the larynx, throat, mouth and nose, for example, are included.

Both Lawrie and Lorea Manterola; The component of the Molecular Oncology Group of the Center points out that the key is to take measures to be more effective in the “early detection” of a disease that is “diagnosed late”. The director of the Department of Oncology of Biodonostia says that “60% of patients have an advanced disease and 10% already have metastases” when they are evaluated.

Then we leave the link to read it.

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